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HPCC website advertising rates

Ad sizes:

ad 300w 200h samplead

1) 300 px wide by 200 px high (above left)

2) 300 px wide x 300 px high   (above right)

ad 600w 300h

3) 600 px wide by 300 px high (above)

4) 600 px wide by 600 px high

5) 900 px wide by 300 px high

6) Entire Web page with link from home page


Ad size  


HPCC Member



Non member* 

  Placement   Duration
300 x 200   $25.00   $225.00   Right sidebar   3 mos
300 x 300   $50.00   $250.00   Right sidebar   3 mos
600 x 300   $100.00   $300.00   Center   3 mos
600 x 600   $200.00   $400.00   Center   3 mos
900 x 300   $550.00   $750.00   Featured - slideshow   1 mo
1280 x 2560   $1,000   $1,200.00   Whole page w/home page 200 x 200 icon     1 year

*Non member rate shown includes a one year membership to the HPCC, based on 1 to 5 employees - please review organizational guidelines on membership page

 Advertiser may request page location, based on HPCC approval

 Home page placement requests will be based on timeliness, and availability of space.



Ad copy may be submitted as .jpg .png or .pdf,  72 dpi for web copy, 300 dpi for print.  Ad copy due 5 business days prior to placement.

HPCC reserves the right to approve ad before publication, based on content or graphics. HPCC reserves the right to accept or reject ad requests.

Modifications to copy may incur a prep fee of $25.00, advertiser will be notified before ad placement.  Ad creation services are availiable!

HPCC does not take responsibility for downtime on web site due to incidents beyond our control, i.e. hosting system outages, etc.

Ad payments are payable in advance of ad placement or with ad copy.

HPCC reserves the right to accept or reject a non-member's request to advertise.